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Do you want to benefit from Qlik’s features directly in your CRM? This is now made possible thanks to DataViz for Sugar. You can access it directly in Sugar and benefit from Qlik's analysis and data visualization options without changing tools. A real time saver!

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Sugar Installation

This part will cover the Sugar installation of the connector.

Module loader First, log in with an administrator user and then go to the Administration area.


Then, go to the submenu "Studio > Module Loader".


Find the provided .zip file and use the upload feature to install it.


Then, click on the install button and follow sugar instructions.


To process installation, Accept the terms of license and click on Commit button.


Wait until the installation is complete, do not stop loading the page.

The page below is displayed, an automatic redirection will be carried out a repair page :



After the Quick Repair, go to Repair module:


Launch the Rebuild JS Grouping Files repair :


Once the module is installed, log out of Sugar to allow the refresh of cache files.

Module configuration Once installed, you will have access to a new menu within your Administration area at the bottom page, return to it and click on “Qlik connector configuration” under Synolia section.


Configure the module by setting the information needed to connect with Qlik Server like below. When done click on save.


For security reasons, the certificates are not displayed when you return to the parameters. dataviz_install_7.png

SugarOutfitters Licence Go to the Synolia Dataviz license section you have when you purchase the module :


Paste your module’s SugarOutfitters licence


This license is mandatory by the module to work.

If the license key is correct, validation will display the following message :


If it’s not the case this error message will appear :


WSS Authorization In the Administration >> Content Security Policy Settings section, enter a star character (*) in the box then validate.

Note : Only from Sugar 11 version (menu is not available before it).



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