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Do you want to benefit from Qlik’s features directly in your CRM? This is now made possible thanks to DataViz for Sugar. You can access it directly in Sugar and benefit from Qlik's analysis and data visualization options without changing tools. A real time saver!

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This section show you how to add a Dashlet, configure it, and present, in more detail the different options available to you.

Adding a Dashlet
Go to an account record (or any another module record) and edit the Intelligence Panel on the right.



Configure a Dashlet
To configure a dashelt two fields are required: Application ID and Qlik Sense Object. The Application ID corresponds to the id of the Qlik Sense application from which you want to import an object.
The ID of an application can be found from its url. When opening an application this one is in the form


The second field corresponds to the chosen Qlik Sense Object. The list of objects is automatically updated according to the application ID field.
An error message may appear if the Application ID is incorrectly entered. (An application that does not exist)



The object is now displayed on the entire scope of data, without any filters.

Link object at own context
Previously we saw how to setup a dashlet using the minimum options to get a functional dashlet. However you have additional configuration options allowing you to better define the scope of the dashlet. You can for exemple, filter the data of a Qlik Sense object according to its context in the CRM, like the current Sugar element (Account, Contact, …).
/!\ Only available on record view, not on list view ! (An account, contact, Dashboard, etc)


Above is an example of a "standard" configuration of a Dashlet from the account panel.
We have chosen an object illustrating the turnover share by manufacturer on an account (CA HT). We wish to see the data corresponding to the currently displayed account in Sugar. For this we will link the Qlik field "account_name" to the Sugar field "name" present on the account. This way, the object will only display the data for the account with the same name.

You can find the Sugar attributes available in the _Administration> Studio _section


Warning, on a Sugar page, all Dataviz dashlets must use the same configuration of the Qlik and Sugar fields.

Facilitate the Drill-Down
Drill-Down is the ability to explore the information in more detail. Qlik Sense objects allow this by default. In other words, it is possible to interact with objects to explore them at several levels of detail.


However, once a selection is validated, it is difficult to return to a previous state. To counter this limitation an option has been added that will allow you to do this by refreshing the dashlet.


When this option is checked, you can make selections on your object and refresh the dashlet to return to the initial state.

Static Object mode

It is possible that you do not want to make the Drill-Down available, and always have a fixed view. In this case you can simply check the option "Static Visual". Once checked it will no longer be possible to interact with the displayed Qlik Sense object.


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