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Customer Portal Customised by Fynsis empowers speedier time to determination and diminishes general caseload, by enabling people to make cases, refresh their record data, look through the information base, and track bugs to a determination.

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Step 2 - Fyn Custom Portal Installation

Fyn Custom Portal Installation Step-by-Step Guide.

Click here to request us to send you the Customer Portal Package and you will find the package in your email. Download the Fyn Custom Portal Installation Package. Once the package is downloaded, follow the steps as mentioned below.

Step 1

Select and Unzip the file which you downloaded.


Step 2

From your browser open the Fyn Custom Portal e.g (

Capture 2.PNG

Step 3

Once you get the successful popup message, it will redirect to the login page.

Capture 3.PNG

All the best! Now click on User Guide Steps To Know How To Use Customer Portal for SuiteCRM

End - User Guide

Install Fyn Customer Portal

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