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Customer Portal Customised by Fynsis empowers speedier time to determination and diminishes general caseload, by enabling people to make cases, refresh their record data, look through the information base, and track bugs to a determination.

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Step 1 - User Guide for FynCRM Portal (back-end)

CRM Integration with Customer Portal Step-by-Step User Guide

Step 1

In the Admin panel - In the Fynsis Customer portal section, click the select module link. You will find this Page.

Capture 9.PNG

Step 1 . 1

You can also drag and drop the modules from and to between Displayed module and the hidden module table as shown in the below screenshot**

Capture 11.PNG Capture 12.PNG once done with the dragging and dropping of the modules, Click the save button.

Step 2

Now select detail field tab, List field tab and then select the module name in the drop down and again drag and drop the fields to and from displayed fields and hidden fields**

Capture 13.PNG

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For the User Guide for FynCRM Portal (Front-end)

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