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Automate your CRM Currency Administration Currency Controller updates currency exchange rates automatically. Background processes check for updates up to every hour so your system is as up to date as possible.

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User Guide

This guide only applies for the Currency Controller Complete package that allows for historical currency comparisons of a record.

Using Historic Currency Dashlet

The Currency Controller Historic Dashlet is available in record view of any record within SugarCRM. It will display conversions of currency fields for the current record for the current data as well as any date since 2000.


To set up the Currency Controller Historic Dashlet first add the dashlet while in record view of any module that has currency fields. This dashlet uses the context of the current record so it is not available in List View or on a Home Dashboard.

Next click the edit button shown in the image below to configure the dashlet.


From there you will enter the dashlet configuration menu.


  1. Rename the dashlet if desired
  2. In the Disable Currency Fields input enter any fields you wish to not display in the dashlet. Any new fields created will be shown by default unless they are disabled
  3. Select the currencies you wish to be displayed on the dashlet. You may select as many as you like but keep in mind the dashlet will get fairly wide with too many currencies selected. Especially if the module has many currency fields

After saving you will see a multi-bar graph of all enabled currency fields and converted currencies from the base currency of the record. If no date is entered the conversions are taken from the values of currency conversions in the system.

If you would like to see past conversions simply enter any date since January 1st 2000 and click the Load Data button.


Using Currency Calculator

Currency Controller includes a convenient calculator dashlet that allows users to convert any value from any currency to any currency for any date.


  1. Select from currency
  2. Select currency to convert to
  3. Select date of conversion. If no date entered we will use the current date to get the most recent conversion data from the API.
  4. Select the amount from base currency to convert
  5. Converted amount


To easily navigate dates use the navigation in the popup calendar to either scroll months or click on the date to select months and past years.

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