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Automate your CRM Currency Administration Currency Controller updates currency exchange rates automatically. Background processes check for updates up to every hour so your system is as up to date as possible.

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Installation Guide

Installing the Add-on

[Step 1]

It is always a good idea to backup your instance files and database before installing any module or upgrading. When possible install on a non-production sandbox instance first.

[Step 2]

Download the zip file from the Downloads page within your Sugar Outfitter account. Once logged in click on purchases to access your downloads and license keys

[Step 3]

Login to your instance as an admin and access the Module Loader from the Administration Page

[Step 4]

Upload the downloaded .zip package by selecting where you downloaded it on your local machine then click the 'Upload' button. Once uploaded click in 'Install'

[Step 5]

Review and Accept the terms and license then click 'Commit'

[Step 5]

Once the package finishes installing you will be directed to the license management section. This page can also be accessed from Administration->Configure Currency Controller License sugar_license_validate.png

[Step 6]

Enter you license key you retrieved from Sugar Outfitters in Step 2 and click 'Validate'

[Step 7]

After validation click Continue and you will be directed to the Schedulers section. During installation we create and activate the custom Scheduler for you. By default we set the currencies to update daily. If desired update the frequency desired. The smallest interal is 10 minutes.

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