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Automate your CRM Currency Administration Currency Controller updates currency exchange rates automatically. Background processes check for updates up to every hour so your system is as up to date as possible.

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Common questions about Currency Controller

[What source does Currency Controller use to update currencies?]

We did a great deal of research on the best sources for updating currencies. In the end we decided to use Fixer which is used by thousands of developers and some of the largest corporations in the world.

[How often currencies updated?]

The source data is updated at least every 10 minutes. We use a scheduled job to check for new data and update currencies in the CRM. This job can run on whatever schedule you choose. While some customers may choose to update as often as possible some only choose daily, weekly, or monthly updates during off peak hours.

[Does Currency Controller support customer modules and custom currency fields?]

Absolutely, any module can be configured to be enabled with Currency Controller to show historic data. This is only available with our Complete package as the Essentials package is restricted to updating conversion rates on the Currencies module.

[Does Currency Controller update records in other modules besides Currencies?]

After great consideration we decided to not update actual records by default. We wanted to take great care and do not feel a blanket solution would work well for all customers. Additionally, depending on business rules and customizations done previously the approach would need to be different for almost every implementation.

We would be happy to advise and/or help implement solutions for updating your records to reflect conversion rates updates. Please feel free to email us on any questions at

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