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Secure your SugarCRM or SuiteCRM system. Protection against brute force attacks. Track users' logins and protect your data. Detect and Defend your CRM system from threats coming from hostile IPs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are differences between the On Demand and the On Premise version?

Differences reside on how the SugarCRM environment works. When you are On Premise (you manage SugarCRM on your own server or host) you have complete control over your files. While on a On Demand solution everything is under responsibility.
This lets you less degrees of freedom: while CRMDefender On Premise Version** will block effectively the IPs** from where too many failed attempts come. The On Demand version in the same conditions will only send you the notification via email. And you have to tell to the SugarCRM customer service to act consequently.

How does this compare with SugarCRM's default Login Lockout feature??

In SugarCRM Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate editions, there's a useful tool that helps you to keep unwanted access away from the system:
Screen Shot 06-07-17 at 11.43 AM.PNG
but it's related to the username and not to the IP address from where the failed attempts came.
This means that if an attacker changes username//password couple can continue to try for long without been blocked.

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