by Richard Jenkins

Commercient SYNC integrates your Sage 100 ERP system with SugarCRM, so your business can have an updated, 360-degree view of sales and marketing data.

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About the SYNC

  • Unlike traditional data integration tools such as an ETL, there is no coding, mapping, or server. We handle everything, so you can focus on growing your business.
  • Changes are reflected in SugarCRM in real-time as the records in Sage 100 change.
  • Commercient SYNC for Sage 100 is built by ERP & CRM integration experts.
  • Commercient software provides Sage 100 users with a “CRM in the cloud” experience.
  • Any field synced from Sage 100 can be displayed on the SugarCRM screen. All the data Commercient syncs to Sugar becomes part of SugarCRM's native database. As such, you can perform any SugarCRM function on the data—from graphing to dashboards to using third-party apps that can make use of the data.
  • Commercient has provided the means to make the data searchable in SugarCRM. For instance, if you search for a serial number you can find the Invoice Records and Sales Order records that pertain to it.
  • The SYNC tool only uploads or updates data when it has changed.
  • Implementing Commercient SYNC creates a simple data integration pathway between Sage 100 and Salesforce. Our SYNC solution also enables you to prevent the duplication of data, handle custom objects in Salesforce, and take advantage of the premier support.
  • Commercient has an eye for detail. It has programmed its services to make efficient use of tracking changes and submitting records to the SugarCRM API in a single call. The result is that Commercient significantly reduces the likelihood of exceeding the Sugar CRM AP Sage 100 limits. In the event that a daily limit is reached, which can occur during the initial SYNC of a large Sage 100 system, Commercient will continue to SYNC where it left off on the following day.
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