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Need to set up a numbering system to track your records? Define and add a unique ID identifier field to any SugarCRM record. Many options to define any alphanumeric format you need. Start tracking your Quote, Cases, Accounts and any other module today..

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Installation Guide

Installing the Add-on

1. [Step 1]

Download & Install the package by Sugar Modulloader. It is a normal extension, which can be installed and uninstalled at any time.

2. [Step 2]

For installation, you must be logged in as an admin user. Navigate to "Admin", click "ModulLoader" and select the downloaded package (.zip) for upload

3. [Step 3]

After uploading you can press the "Install" button. Follow the instructions by Sugar till your got located back to the ModulLoader interface.

4. [Step 4]

If you discovered any issue during your installation, fell free to contact us. Please send for each request of that kind an attached Screen-shot plus a short description (flow) of your steps.

5. [Step 5]

Once you succeeded with the installation go back to "Admin". Head out for "Repair" and "Quick Repair and Rebuild". This step will rebuild any possible views, repair your database setup aligning to the installed modules and clear old cached files. Maybe you will get an output, which asks you for executing some SQL on your database. We recommend you to consider such changes with your local SugarCRM administrator, because the can affect your runtime environment critical. The sequence module won't cast such an output for you, thus it will come by other additional add-ons. If you have no one to ask, feel free to consider us instead. We try to help you in such a case.

6. [Step 6]

After installation there will be a new link at your "Admin" section called "Sequences". Here you can start to determine, which module and fields should be triggered by the add-on.

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  • "Works perfectly for our needs. Developer replied to a bug ticket quickly and was very knowledgeable. Thanks!"

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