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Keep track of your remote meetings in SugarĀ® CE or SuiteCRM? See your meetings and plan your routes visually by using this map add-on. Display all of your meetings on a map right from your Calendar.

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This document covers setting up Calendar Map so that you can map out your meetings.

Before loading the module, you should make sure geocoding is correctly set up:

  • Go to admin page, then Geocoded Counts page. This page will show you current geocoded status per module. If you have not already created it, you should create a scheduled task running URL ./index.php?module=jjwg_Maps&entryPoint=jjwg_Maps&cron=1 as explained on that page.

  • Go to admin page, then Google Maps settings In the Logic Hooks section, choose Enable All Logic Hooks: Enabled, then Save. This will allow Meetings to be immediately geocoded, (assuming the related record is already geocoded).


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