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Looking for a more robust calendar view in SugarCRM? BrainCal is the answer! With just a few clicks you can manage your daily activity and view your colleagues’ calendars. Each user’s calendar is overlaid on ONE single view, with each person’s schedule in a different color for easy management. You can even choose to hide completed activities, and only show one or a few event types.

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BrainCal is a SugarCRM add-on that provides a robust calendar for creating and updating your Meetings, Tasks and Calls. Need to see your colleague’s calendar for easy scheduling? That’s just a click away.

  • Choose your preferred view – Month, Week, or Day – and the types of Events you wish to see displayed – Calls, Tasks, or Meetings.

  • Choose to view other user’s calendars - all color coded to differentiate. Even choose your own calendar color!

  • Remove your completed activities with a click of a checkbox to declutter your Calendar.

  • Schedule new events right from within the calendar


  • Hover over an Event to see the details, or click it to view in the side panel.


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