AWY Tools

( From the Labs)

by Allwithyou

AWY Tools is a support module for all modules from Allwithyou.

Administrator Guide

The new section “Allwithyou modules” will appear in the administration of your CRM after the AWY Tools installation. This section contains a list of Allwithyou modules with the setting options. It will also contain interesting statistics about the usage of Allwithyou modules for administrators. We are working on the usage statistics now, it should be completed in the next version of AWY Tools.


The list of AWY modules shows all modules that use the AWY Tools. You can add license keys to individual modules from Allwithyou in this section. If the module uses scheduled tasks, there is a link to the relevant scheduled task on the table row. If the module has its own configuration interface, there is a link to this interface on the table row. So you can simply see all installed modules from Allwithyou, including additional information and setup options.


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