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Avaya Integration is a computer telephony integration between SugarCRM/SuiteCRM and Avaya PBX. Add-on supports PBX "Avaya IP Office"

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Installation Guide (SugarCRM 6.x and SuiteCRM)

1. System requirements

SugarCRM plug-in system requirements:

  • SugarCRM 6.x

2. Please Check Before Installation

  • You have SugarCRM installed (see above for the version information).
  • You have the Avaya installation package downloaded from SugarOutfitters.
  • You have the PBX plug-in installed on your PBX (please see links below in Chapter 5 to download plug-in)

3. Plug-in Installation

1) Login to your SugarCRM as administrator.

2) Upload and install plug-in with Module Loader. You can find Module Loader on Admin page, Developer Tools section:

SugarCRM 7 CTI module loader

3) Once you installed the plug-in in should appear in Module Loader with Enabled state:

SugarCRM 6 CTI module loader list

4. Plug-in Configuration

1) Open SugarCRM Admin page and find the All-In-One CTI configuration section:

SugarCRM 6 CTI configuration

2) Click the Module Configuration link.

3) Define the Host and Port of the All-In-One CTI PBX-connector:

SugarCRM 6 CTI host and port

Note! You can leave Password empty. Password is used only if you set Password in PBX-connector configuration file. Note! In many countries the number of digits in the phone number can be different. The number of digits in the phone number also depends on where the call comes from - your city, from your country or from another country. "Match only last N digits" defines how CRM searches clients for pop-up window. For example, if you set "Match only last N digits=10" and you get incoming call from +44-345-022-34-41 then CRM shows clients which have "3450223441" in there phone numbers (i.e. client may have both phone number formata - 345-022-34-41 and +44-345-022-34-41). Note! Please set check-box "Disable" in case you want to disable CTI-integration without deleting/disable the module. Note! If you have FreePBX version 2.11 and above please do the following instead. Find the /etc/asterisk/cel.conf link and find the actual folder this link maps to (/var/www/html/admin/modules/cdr/etc/ by default). Please copy PBX-connector configuration file cel.conf to that folder and overwrite the existing file (it's safe!).

5. Updating SugarCRM User Settings

1) Now you need to make All-In-One-CTI settings visible. Open SugarCRM Admin page and go to Studio, Developer Tools section: SugarCRM 7 CTI edit user

2) Find there module Users: SugarCRM 7 CTI edit user

3) Select module component Layouts: SugarCRM 7 CTI edit user

4) Select EditView field: SugarCRM 7 CTI edit user

5) Add New Panel and New Row (grab the field and drag it to the layout) SugarCRM 7 CTI edit user

6) Change panel label to "All-In-One-CTI Integration settings" (click on the pencil near "New Panel 2") and add fields "Extension", "Incoming Call notification", "Click-to-Call" from the Toolbox (grab and drag to the layout): SugarCRM 7 CTI edit user

Click "SAVE & DEPLOY" to save and apply your settings.

7) Open SugarCRM Admin page and go to User Management:

SugarCRM 7 CTI user management

8) Choose user and go to User Edit page. Find the All-In-One CTI section:

SugarCRM 7 CTI edit user

9) Update Internal Phone with the appropriate internal phone number (extension number) of that user. Click "Save" button to save changes. Update settings for all users (that will be using the All-In-One CTI) in the same way.

6. Avaya`s plug-in download links

! Please send email to to get trial license key for your PBX. In your email please tell us what PBX you have.

Please find installation guide to install plug-in for your PBX here:

If you have another PBX please send email to If we support your PBX we will reply you with PBX plug-in attached, installation guide and trial license key.

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