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Asterisk Integration allows click-to-call functionality, inbound/outbound call logs, call notification pop-ups and more to work seamlessly with any SugarCRM module, so your sales and support teams can effectively launch, track and manage customer communications.

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Admin Guide

Configuration Of Asterisk Integration

First you have to validate the License


Enter the License key the you have received while purchasing the addon and press Continue


Add your Asterisk Server details into the Form as shown below
  1. Name : Just to identify by all users only
  2. Server IP : Ip Address of the Asterisk Server
  3. Socket Server Port : Default is 5188, Asterisk Integration server will run on this port.
  4. AMI Username : Asterisk Manager Interface Username
  5. AMI Secret : Asterisk Manager Interface Secret Password
  6. AMI Port : Default is 5038
  7. Recordinglink IP : IP address to be used into Recording Link
  8. Recordinglink Port : Port number to be used into Recording Link (HTTP port to access Recording URL)
    Now Save Settings


You will get list in above table of all added Asterisk Servers, you can integrate and add multiple Asterisk Servers with our addon, Now Start the service


Service will be started and you will get Process Id for the running process as shown in image below


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