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All In One CTI is a computer telephony integration between SugarCRM and most popular PBXs. Easy install. Stable work. 100% support

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User Guide

1. Click-to-Call

You can use click-to-call feature on Dashlets, Contacts List and Contact Detailed View, Accounts List and Account Detailed View, Leads List and Lead Detailed View. All-In-One CTI transforms all the phone numbers into links. Click the link to dial the number:

SugarCRM CTI phone number link

Phone number must contain all the meaningful digits in order to dial. All-In-One CTI ignores blank, bracket, comma and other special characters.

Your desk phone should dial the number instantly.

2. New window on Incoming Call

New window opens in your browser when you receive an incoming call. It will match on your phone numbers in any account, contact, or lead:

SugarCRM CTI call popup

If the number is unknown you can create new Lead, Contact or Account by clicking the link:

SugarCRM CTI create link

You can log a call by clicking "Phone" icon near the record's name:

SugarCRM CTI log a call

3. Calls history

All-In-One CTI plugin saves calls history for every SugarCRM user.

It's not necessary to have SugarCRM opened in browser when you make or receive phone calls. If user make or receive phone calls when he/she is logged-off SugarCRM, then the plugin will save the calls history next time user logs-in.

You can view the calls history on "Calls" sub-panel on Lead, Contact or Account Detailed View:

SugarCRM CTI call history

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