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The Sugar/SuiteCRM & Alfresco Integrator by eVolpe is a perfect solution for all the companies, which are currently deploying or already using both of the systems. Are you facing difficulties trying to coordinate your documentation in the context of sales opportunities? This is the best solution!

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Known Problems

This section covers list of some well know problems that can occur during integration – some of them are not necessarily connected with Alfresco functionality.


HTTP: 500 Internal Server Error Couldn't resolve host – error while creating new records or editing and removing existing ones in module for which we’ve created Alfresco Path. This is most likely connected with missing Elasticsearch configuration.

In case you’ve got already existing records in your SugarCRM instance, they might not be properly mapped into Alfresco. In this case it’s recommended to run repair via console. For this you might need to contact your administrator. Repair can be done by accessing your instance folder via SSH and typing php bin/sugarcrm. You should see list of available commands. Run sequentially the ones marked below: problem 1.PNG

In the Documents subpanel for given module you may encounter this error: problem 2.PNG This most likely means, that the folder you are trying to access does not exist in Alfresco. You can either try to add folder (based on the path defined in administration panel) manually and check if subpanel is displayed correctly or go to the administration panel, Alfresco section and press Update Alfresco Fields – this should recreate missing folders in Alfresco.

There might be a case where upon opening record in one window and keeping it up you change saving privileges in other window, save them and rebuild everything, Then you can try to remove/upload file via the subpanel for which you’ve just restricted access. You may encounter error: Web Script Status 401 – Unauthorized. This message may now appear in other modules subpanels as well. It’s most likely caused by Alfresco’s protection system which encountered action that shouldn’t have place in normal situation. In this case you’ll need to contact your administration or wait for the temporary ban to be removed automatically (which, in best case, might take couple minutes, but may remain longer).

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