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Advanced Report Exporter is a SugarCRM solution that will export reports on scheduled time intervals. Currently in Sugar, you can only schedule and send one report at a time to a user. This add-on significantly improves that process, enabling you to export reports into PDFs and send via email to as many CRM users, accounts, and contacts as you choose! Save time from manually running and tediously exporting one-off reports.

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Advance Export Report will export report on scheduled intervals time. In the sugarCRM you can schedule and send only one report at a time to the user. Here this plugin offers you to send a group of reports to many Users, Accounts and Contacts as per your choice. This Plugin will save time for users and Higher authority to go and run manually report and export report. This plugin will run report and export report in PDF and send to Accounts, Contacts and Users email IDs.

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