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Monitor user activities such as when a record gets added, updated, or deleted. Also see when users log in and out of the CRM.

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Would it record all add, update and delete activities made by a user?

Yes, it records all these 3 activities and additionally will also records when a user logs in or logs out.

Can we control on what modules we want to record activities?

Yes, from the admin panel locate "Activity Monitor Settings" and set on which modules you want to record activities.

How to disable login and logout activities being recorded?

If you dont want to log login/logout activities go to Activity Monitor Settings and de-select Users module.

  1. Kunal member avatar


    3 years ago

    would it capture time taken for activity action by module?

  2. TechGurus member avatar

    TechGurus Provider

    3 years ago

    Hi Kunal, Not out of the box, but can do the custmization if needed.

    Regards, Techgurus

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