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Full CalDAV bi-directional sync for SugarCRM. Use your native calendar on your favorite device to synchronise calls, meetings and tasks. Works with Apple (iOS), Android, and Thunderbird/Lightning.

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  1. jeremycockram member avatar


    2 years ago

    What does this do that the CalDAV Sync app on Android isn't already accomplishing?

    • madmat member avatar

      madmat Purchased

      11 months ago

      Replicating your Activities into any device/operating system.

  2. mverlage member avatar


    a year ago

    Can you confirm the files from the OpacusActivitySync download file to be loaded into SugarCRM using the module loader.

  3. madmat member avatar

    madmat Purchased

    11 months ago

    We are migrating the SugarCRM instance to SuiteCRM.
    I vaguely remember asking this before: can we activate the license in the development instance for testing purposes w/o deactivating the production instance?

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