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Full CalDAV bi-directional sync for SugarCRM. Use your native calendar on your favorite device to synchronise calls, meetings and tasks. Works with Apple (iOS), Android, and Thunderbird/Lightning.

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  1. jeremycockram member avatar


    6 years ago

    What does this do that the CalDAV Sync app on Android isn't already accomplishing?

    • madmat member avatar


      5 years ago

      Replicating your Activities into any device/operating system.

  2. mverlage member avatar


    6 years ago

    Can you confirm the files from the OpacusActivitySync download file to be loaded into SugarCRM using the module loader.

  3. madmat member avatar


    5 years ago

    We are migrating the SugarCRM instance to SuiteCRM. I vaguely remember asking this before: can we activate the license in the development instance for testing purposes w/o deactivating the production instance?

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