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An ETL tool that works with all editions offering fast data uploads using the latest SugarCRM API methods. Designed to synchronize your existing applications data with both standard and custom SugarCRM modules.

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Installation Guide

Installing and Registering ETLS

ETLS is a Windows based application licensed for a single Windows OS and can be used in SugarCRM instances with an activated ETLS license.

1. [Install the Sugar License for ETLS]

Use the file to upload it via Module Loader (under Sugar Admin) and activate your license with the provided license key.

2. [Install ETLS in Windows]

ETLS is a Windows based application distributed as a seperate zip file. It includes sample configurations enabling users to get started quickly by following several examples. Download the file and unzip it in a Windows local drive directory (your install directory).

3. [Setup and Register ETLS]

Locate the setupETLS.cmd in Windows directory [2] and run it to setup the sample configurations and start ETLS. Click on the Register link in the About tab of ETLS and follow the prompts to request your ETLS Windows registration via email, using the license key from [1] above. You will be notified via an email to complete your ETLS registration for Windows, and place a licence file in the \Data sub-directory of your installation.

4. [Run ETLS]

Locate the ETLSetup shortcut in the Windows install directory and run it to get started with a default ETLS configuration.

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