by simplesaas

This dashboard helps SugarCRM admins to view and download missing data across key modules instantly. It helps them saving bucket loads of effort and time each month which they would spend otherwise in building Sugar reports and manual analysis.

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After installing, find this add-on under your profile dropdown.

User any combinations of Module Name and User Name dropdown list to fetch your report.

FILTERED BY ACCOUNT AND USER: Choose your desired key module and User from the dropdown in just two clicks and the add-on will fetch you the report .


SELECT/DESELECT FIELDS AS NEEDED: Want to know only a few fields from the selected key module? You can do it by selecting any/all the fields.


CHART VIEW - SELECT/DESELECT LEGENDS: Visually know what share of each selected fields are empty.


SUMMARY AND PERCENTAGE OF COMPLETENESS: Get a snapshot of empty fields within the selected module/user by count as well as percentage.


SELECT USERS AND EMAIL: You can email your users right from the add-on by selecting their names as you do on your email module.


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  • "It chops off more than 80% of the time in just one click that we used to spend."

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