Today, Zendesk announced that the integration they developed with SugarCRM years ago will no longer be supported as of October 13th, 2017. Support for SugarCRM has stalled over the past year with the last supported Sugar version being 7.5. As part of sunsetting the old integration, Zendesk is recommending current users to switch over to the SugarOutfitters version as it is "a newer and better integration product".


What the EOL milestone means

From the article:

  • Between the announcement and end of development, Zendesk will not make feature updates to the Zendesk SugarCRM integration, but will continue to make minor bug and security fixes at our discretion.
  • When development ends, Zendesk will no longer address bugs and minor issues specific to the Zendesk SugarCRM integration, but we will resolve any major breakage in functionality until the removal date.
  • When development ends, Zendesk will also no longer support the Zendesk SugarCRM integration, but we will support your efforts to switch to the partner integration.
  • After the removal date, the Zendesk SugarCRM integration will stop working.

What you need to do

Are you already using the old integration? Follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall the Zendesk-built version of the old integration in Zendesk
  2. In Sugar, go to Module Loader and uninstall the old integration
  3. Start a free trial for the new integration.

Have questions?

You can reach out to the new Zendesk integration team at:

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