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What is SugarChimp Ultimate?

Posted by on May 31, 2016

Our most recent release of SugarChimp, version 7.7.0, includes some highly demanded new features. SugarChimp has been great at syncing Contact, Target, and Lead data between Sugar and MailChimp, but has always lacked two major abilities:

  1. No way to sync related content. If a company used Accounts, Opportunities, or Teams extensively, they couldn’t get that information to MailChimp to do more advanced campaigns.

  2. No way to automate list population. Customers have consistently needed a way to add and remove people from lists. To do that, many would manually run reports on a regular basis just to keep their lists up to date. Others would hand select and add to their lists one-by-one.

That is, until now.

We got to work. After well over half a year in development and months of testing, Ultimate was born.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Automated Syncing of Segments

For years people asked how they can automate the process of adding and removing records from lists. And for years we’ve had to tell them they can’t or to try out some third party solutions. Most of our customers ended up with a daily routine of navigating to a Target List, ‘Selecting from Report’, choosing that particular Target List’s report, and adding from a report. They would have to repeat this process for each synced Target List and each module that kept records on the Target List.

Sync using custom filters

We designed a new system from scratch to keep a particular segment of Contacts, Targets, and Leads on your List. A feature that makes our automation special is the ability to remove from the list whenever a modified record no longer matches the criteria. No more cleaning your lists by hand! You have two ways to automatically segment this list: using Custom Filters or Custom SQL.

Sync using Custom Filters

This is the quick, user friendly way to set filters for your list. You can create as many filters as you need to keep only the best prospects on your list. You can filter on built-in Sugar fields, custom fields, and even related fields such as Accounts, Teams, Users, and Opportunities. SugarChimp will check any new or updated records to see if they match the filters. If so, then those records will automatically be added to your list.

Sync using Custom SQL

For those customers who cannot use our filters for one reason or another, we have the ability to maintain your list using SQL. This is for our most technically advanced users, but can be very powerful. We take your SQL and use it to add any newly created or modified records that match to the list. Just as with using filters, SugarChimp also checks any changed records on the list against the SQL and will remove those accordingly.

Advanced Field Mapping

All SugarChimp plans can sync unlimited fields between Sugar and MailChimp. They can also all sync custom fields and multi-select fields. What makes our Ultimate plan the most advance field mapping to date is the ability to sync parent-related data to MailChimp. This data can then be used to segment further within MailChimp or be placed within e-mails. Essentially you are equipping your marketing team will all the necessary tools and information to send the most personalized emails to the most receptive subscribers in your system.

Want to learn more about SugarChimp and how it can help you to automate your marketing initiatives? Check out our listing on SugarOutfitters.

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