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Welcome. We're Open!

Posted by on September 4, 2012

Go ahead. Take a look around, buy an add-on or two, verify whether it works or not, and submit your own for sale...

Still here? Since you are, we can tell you a bit more of what SugarOutfitters is all about. SugarOutfitters is the place to buy, sell, and cultivate SugarCRM add-ons. Created by members of the community, SugarOutfitters is the app store our community has been missing!

SugarOutfitters is built for the entire SugarCRM© community. From users to admins to developers to consultants. We have worn all of those hats and understand the unique needs of each. Here are some highlights of what we are opening with:

  • Guaranteed to work add-ons

    For added assurance you can check out the reviews, supported versions/editions, and verifications by other community members to see if it'll work for your install. If that isn't enough, we'll refund your money if it doesn't work as advertised.

  • Built-in support and documentation for all add-ons with a comment system included

    No more being stranded without help. We want you to have a great experience with the add-ons offered here.

  • Wanted list

    Have a great idea for an add-on but either you're not a coder or don't have time to do it? Add it here. Developers, find existing ideas, help vett them, then turn it into a solution.

  • Easy to setup storefront

    Have your own add-on page set up in a matter of minutes and start getting more eyes on your solution.

What you see here is just a start. We have a huge vision on where we would like to take SugarOutfitters, but we want to know where you would like it go. Here is just a sampling of some of our long term plans:

  • Add-on scoring to bring the best to the top and the dying/dead add-ons to the bottom - we truly want to cure the SugarCRM community of dead and unsupported projects.
  • Upgrade system within Sugar
  • Community driven documentation and support
  • Support for non-commercial add-ons
  • Add-on incubation/cultivation mechanisms

So take a look around, buy an add-on or two, verify whether it works or not, submit your own for sale, and let us know where you would like SugarOutfitters to go next. We are here for you.

Jason Eggers & Chad Hutchins

P.S. Here are some additional links:
General FAQs
Selling Information
Submit a SugarOutfitters Bug/Feature

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