Need a simple way to track and bill your customers for the time you spend giving them support or consulting services? Looking for a simple and effortless Project Management tool integration that doesn’t require a steep learning curve? With SuperTimesheet you can integrate directly into SugarCRM’s existing Project Management toolset without breaking the bank or your brain.

Time Tracking for Project Management

With SuperTimesheet you can associate timesheets to Projects and Project Tasks as well as Cases. This lets you book, check, or invoice time on a per project, per user, or per-task basis. You can input time for the whole week or on a daily basis (with room for comments and other notes on the daily timesheet).

Keep Track of Total Case Time

Since SuperTimesheet is well-integrated with SugarCRM, you can create a timesheet extremely fast based off of a case. This lets you track the hours that one or multiple people spent while trying to resolve the case.

Reporting, Invoicing, and Billing Time

If you are creating a timesheet for a project, SuperTimesheet lets you input hours for the whole project or even individual tasks associated to that project. It also provides reports on the hours spent on the project, with itemized tasks and the hours people spent on those tasks. The reports even work in SugarCE, too! Additionally, you can filter reports by user, project, and date.

If you would like to bring in existing timesheet data from another project management or timesheet solution, SuperTimesheet provides an import tool that accepts comma separated value (CSV) files. It also provides descriptions and examples of how to format your data into the appropriate CSV format.

Save yourself numerous hours developing your own solution, or hundreds to thousands of dollars buying additional project management tools with SuperTimesheet. Not only will you save money, but you will keep your timesheet data all in one place; associated with your Accounts, Cases, Projects, and other data in SugarCRM.

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