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Timesheets Module for SugarCRM

Posted by on February 25, 2013

Accurately track and bill time while eliminating billing errors with Timesheets. This module from DataSync, a SugarCRM© OEM Partner, brings simplicity to the time entry process for all editions of SugarCRM©. Although you’ll want to take advantage of the reporting and workflow capabilities of Pro and above to fully leverage all of its capabilities.

With a configurable Pay Period, your employees can track both billable and general payroll time for each pay period.

Timesheets Grid

Adding new items to mark time against is as easy as clicking the “Add” button at the top and finding the record to mark against. Out of the box modules that can have time tracked against include Cases, Projects, Project Tasks, Bugs, Products, and a new General Time module for everything else. To edit an entry simply click the pencil icon and update it:

Edit Timesheets Grid

If your processes require it, completed pay periods can then be submitted for approval:

Submit Timesheets

Using the Reports module in Pro and above you can then generate reports and even invoices to send out to your clients. If you use a third party payroll system you could even generate a Workflow to send payroll time entries to that system upon approval. Want to further automate your processes? Upon creation of a case, project, etc have your Workflows automatically create default timesheets for your resources to start entering time against. This will help prevent items from falling through the cracks as they’ll see on each pay period what tasks they should be entering time against.

Spend more time billing hours and less time tracking it with a simplified time entry process. Download and try the Timesheets module for yourself.

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