Unfortunately, people talk about their bad shopping experiences more than they’ll praise the good ones.

According to Oracle's Customer Experience Impact Report, only 1% of consumers feel that vendors consistently meet their expectations. This statistic highlights the great opportunity before us. Even if you can elevate the number of your happy customers to 5%, then it could be the game-changer for your business.

Customer satisfaction surveys are one of the most important ways to know your customers. Asking “How are you doing with our services?” can be like having a cheat code to crack the game score. However, getting the maximum amount of effective customer response is important, otherwise your campaign will fall short.

While there are so many tips and hacks you will find online to make sure your survey is customer-friendly, easy, short and/or relevant, paying equal – actually more – attention to sending surveys at the right moment is the key.

AppJetty gives tips on customer surveys

Sending Surveys at the Right Moment

Most of the time, we define the time zone and hit send. However, it is more than just that. Below, you can follow this two-step practice that can help make a difference for your survey campaigns:

1. Isolate the Touchpoints

Throughout the customer journey, gather the points when customers are likely to be in touch with you. Most commonly, when they inquire about your product/service, make a purchase, are not satisfied with your services or when you successfully close an inquiry/complaint ticket. These touchpoints make for the best occasions to send a survey.

2. Set the Campaign

Back in the day, we used to get calls from salespeople. That was the old manual version of following up. Today, you are less likely to receive a phone call from the company as they can send you a quick survey, email or SMS. One simple example is, do you ever get a call from Amazon regarding their sales or other activities, since they have access to so much data?

The answer is no, and that’s because their foundation is built strongly on the basis of survey automation.

Having an automated survey campaign will not only benefit you by eliminating the need to manually send out surveys, but it will give you effective responses as well. In these campaigns, you simply define the customer touchpoints and set surveys to be sent. That’s it! The next thing you get will be your cheat codes…responses.

Quick Tips

  • Get the customers’ touchpoints
  • Craft your surveys keeping your audience in mind and include simple and/or fewer questions (you can integrate the SugarCRM survey module to access automated survey functionality)
  • Define the time zones and timing
  • Bifurcate surveys and set the follow-up interval
  • Prepare your design, images, and email copy

Try SugarCRM Survey Rocket

With Survey Rocket, a SugarCRM survey plugin, you can build surveys that trigger automatically to get real-time feedback from customers. It gives custom survey templates, online polls and more. Plus, you can use the CRM data via the inward and outward piping mechanism.