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SugarCon 2013: Our Favorite Highlights

Posted by on April 19, 2013

Wow. SugarCon 2013 was a blast! It was great meeting everyone and seeing all of the new and exciting things being built in the SugarCRM ecosystem. Below are some of our favorite highlights.

App Throwdown
This year’s App Throwdown was a fantastic event, and we were honored to be the exclusive sponsor. Before SugarCon, several companies submitted their latest and greatest SugarCRM customizations and integrations, and the top six were chosen to compete in the App Throwdown on the main stage at the final event of the conference. Not only were the solutions outstanding, the demos and presentations were very entertaining. It was a great way to cap the week.

SugarCRM 7.0
Also at SugarCon, SugarCRM 7.0 was announced with some great improvements and enhancements. One of the most noticeable things about version 7 is the speed. The interface is very responsive when you click or touch items. Along with the responsive UI, page loads in version 7.0 are faster than ever due to a truly RESTful & JSON-based communication system setup between the browser and the server. Oh yeah, it looks and works great on mobile devices.

Great Feedback
As much as we felt we’ve made the best platform out there for selling SugarCRM add-ons, it was still amazing to get the amount of positive feedback we did. Both users and partners alike stressed how complete our platform is and how easy it is to use. Although we definitely focused on these aspects, we didn’t see it that way prior to SugarCon because of the long term vision that we’re heads-down working on every day.

What’s Next?
Now that another SugarCon has come and gone, we’re more excited than ever to help grow the SugarCRM ecosystem by helping everyone find and sell quality SugarCRM add-ons. Look for some big enhancements this year. We’re not looking back.

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