Highlevel Overview

The 38 Elements team has created the Sugar Advanced Record Preview add-on to improve relate fields in SugarCRM and the standard process of how users view the data. Using this solution, you can now preview record information without the need to open that record and switch between different pages or records.

With Sugar Advanced Record Preview add-on, you can now see any related record information with a single mouse click. This will help you be more productive and save time while working on SugarCRM records.

Sugar Advanced Preview On List View

Sugar Advanced Preview On List View With Preview

Improved relate fields

Every related field in SugarCRM has been improved to support the advanced preview option. Just click on the preview icon and the information you are looking for will appear.

Don’t leave what you are working on

While you are working on a current record, there is no need to open new tabs or change pages just to see information from related records. The advanced preview option will show that information on the same page you are currently viewing.

Stop relating the wrong record

When you relate records together, you now have the option to quickly verify you have related the correct records.

Support for record view, list view and subpanels

No matter where that related field shows, you are likely covered. All record views, list views and subpanels are supported. This solution does not support BWC modules that are being retired from SugarCRM.

Key Features

  • Visible in any SugarCRM sidecar module
  • Work faster and see right information when needed
  • Works on Record views, List view and subpanels
  • Supports every SugarCRM 8.x and above
  • Supports On-demand and On-premise installation

To learn more about this solution, go to Sugar Advanced Record Preview or search for "record preview."