Not only are you able to restore deleted records, Trash Bin kicks it up a notch with the following additional abilities:

  • Track reasons for deletions
  • Set up auto deletions
  • Turn on for any stock or custom module
  • Manage Trash Bin permissions

Highlevel Overview

This extension provides you with a similar functionality as “Recycle Bin” does in Windows. Recovering deleted data from CRM is now possible in the simplest manner with SugarCRM Trash Bin. It restores the data from different modules that you and users delete from the system. Trash Bin for SugarCRM stores these deleted files and all other sorts of deleted records from your CRM system. Whenever any need arises to retrieve your deleted data, users can get it easily from the Trash Bin. It works for built-in as well as custom modules in SugarCRM.

Prompt for Deletion Reasons

It is always handy to know why records were deleted. Instead of having to track down and ask each person, a prompt will ask for the reason and store it for later use.

Specify Reason For Deletion - SugarCRM Trash Bin

Restore Deleted Records

Who hasn't accidentally deleted a record...or several? Now you can get them restored quickly and easily.

Restore or Permanently Delete Records from Trash Bin in SugarCRM

To learn more about this solution go to Trash Bin or search for "trash".