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Quarterly Round-Up

Posted by on May 13, 2024

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Quarterly Round-Up

Published Add-Ons

Liferay's flexible portal creates a personalized and tailored experience to streamline and accelerate your business needs and increase self-services for your customers, partners, and distributors. All the data syncs seamlessly between your Portal and SugarCRM for a unified solution.


Improve your CRM data quality by identifying duplicate Leads that already exist in Sugar Duplicate Lead Detective and customize the level of detection to your needs.

Hunter Email Verifier ensures accurate and fast email verification for single contacts or your entire contact library so your Sugar database is always clean and up to date.

Build customizable, hyper-targeted lists in ZoomInfo and easily push details to SugarCRM for easy follow-up from your Sales and Marketing. Utilize this integration to improve your lead acquisition process and enrich your information about prospects and customers.

Solve major challenges for marketing employees by reducing many tedious manual processes steps with CleverReach. The add-on enhances collaboration between sales and marketing and helps you to prevent possible data privacy compliance issues.

Optimize the collaboration between your sales and service teams with Zendesk Integration for Sugar. The solution uses the Make integration platform to give you great adaptability whenever you need it.


Get ready to turbocharge your SugarCRM experience with CRM Healthcheck Workshop. It's like giving your SugarCRM system a thorough check-up to diagnose any issues or to get a clear picture before driving the project forward.

Manage your business partners quickly and easily using ZINFI Unified Partner Management portal and SugarCRM to sync data and get real time record management and data flow!

Oopsie Doopsie provides a reliable and user-friendly solution to safeguard critical data from permanent loss. Acting as a temporary trash can, it enables easy restoration of deleted records, saving time and minimizing the risk of data loss.

Upsert Calculated Fields is the ultimate solution to ensure that your SugarLogic and calculated fields reflect the most current data without impacting system performance.


Subscription Flow Integration for Sugar lets you manage customer subscription plans and billing directly within Sugar.