Ever wanted to send custom surveys to your customers and leads directly from SugarCRM? Atcore Surveys is another add-on from our friends at Atcore Systems that allows you to do exactly that. Atcore Surveys allows you to send forms to your customers and leads to gather any type of feedback.

Create custom-branded surveys

Compared to other survey services, Atcore Surveys allows you to customize everything about the look and feel of your survey templates and even the email invitations. Unlike other survey services, you can create unlimited surveys and receive unlimited responses.

Send surveys to lists generated form Reports

Imagine being able to send a questionnaire to all of your new customers within the past 30-days to gather feedback? With Atcore Surveys, this is a simple task. You create your survey, create your report and send!

Use workflows to automate when survey invitations are sent

Better yet, why not send surveys automatically using Atcore Surveys combined with SugarCRM Workflows? Workflows enable you to setup triggers that will automatically send surveys based on any event that occurs within your SugarCRM instance.

Atcore Surveys is upgrade-safe and on-demand compatible. Try it today with confidence with our 30-day money-back guarantee for all products on SugarOutfitters!

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