Need to chat or video conference with team members today? Are you using Lync or WebEx, but want to save money? Is WebEx just too clunky and slow? Do you need something that’s more integrated into your workflow than Google Hangouts? PixelHarmonia Unified Communications provides a voice, video communication and screen sharing solution that is built into SugarCRM and is easier to use than Google Hangouts or Skype.

PixelHarmonia is very easy to set up and use. At the bottom of the SugarCRM window is “Live Chat” button that, when clicked, displays a list of everyone who is logged in to SugarCRM. After starting a chat with a team member you can easily add voice or video to communicate more effectively. Need to share your screen or send a file? Easily done from within the chat window. If you are conversing with multiple people you can easily minimize windows to focus on just one or two conversations, or make one full screen if you need to provide your complete attention.

Being cheaper and easier to use than other solutions isn’t the only thing that sets PixelHarmonia apart from other communications solutions. Because PixelHarmonia is built into SugarCRM, you can make or receive a VOIP calls or send text messages to a contact directly from within SugarCRM. Or if you need to contact a company, you can call their number from a SugarCRM Account record. Best of all, if you’re on the go, you can do all of that from your iPhone or Android device!

Just like WebEx, if you need to set up a video conference with a customer or client who doesn’t have a SugarCRM account with you, sending them an invite to a private video room that doesn’t need a login is a few clicks away. Using SugarCRM’s meeting scheduler you can email people outside your organization a link to a meetinging room. There’s no need to download any Outlook or Gmail plugins or visit external sites to easily set up or schedule a meeting and your external invitees don’t need special accounts, plugins or software.

PixelHarmonia Unified Communications is built for SugarCRM, which makes it extremely easy to use. It is so smoothly integrated into SugarCRM that it looks and feels like a standard feature of Sugar Pro or Enterprise. It’s as easy to use as Google Hangouts, it’s cheaper than many other VOIP and video conferencing solutions and it doesn’t require any browser plugins or special software to make calls. So give PixelHarmonia a try, and see that you can tell WebEx goodbye!