Highlevel Overview

Creating a perfect customer experience is something that every eCommerce store strives to do best. Sugar eCommerce Solution by 38 Elements is an all-in-one eCommerce solution to help you run your business from SugarCRM. With this integration, you can leverage Shopify or BigCommerce store data for customers, orders, and products and have it readily available for your SugarCRM users.

How it Works

eCommerce Solution for SugarCRM will help you integrate an unlimited number of eCommerce stores that you have running. It supports any store that is based on the Shopify or BigCommerce platforms. This will help your team manage your operations from Sugar and eliminate the need to switch between different applications.

  • Integrate unlimited number of stores
  • Supports Shopify and BigCommerce stores
  • Integrate Customer, Order and Products data
  • Supports Sugar 8.0+
  • Supports any Sugar deployment options

Sugar eCommerce Solution

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Key Features

Integrate Shopify or BigCommerce stores Currently it supports Shopify and BigCommerce platforms. You can expect to receive support for additional vendors in the future, like Magento and WooCommerce next.

Product catalogue is integrated with Sugar All your store products are imported into SugarCRM product catalogue so that you can reference them while working on your next deal. Sugar users will be able to reference them in Opportunities and activities they perform on a daily basis.

Real-time synchronization As soon as something happens in your eCommerce store, that information is being sent to your Sugar. Your Sugar users will be able to immediately take appropriate actions and react to what is happening right now. This also means that you can safely create internal Sugar notifications to fire off as soon as new data comes in.

Run reports on customers, orders or products Create reports in Sugar based on your store customers, their orders and products purchased. Identify trends in sales and perfect customer segments for your next marketing activity. Management team can leverage Sugar reporting capability to create effective leadership dashboards and visualize data.

Integrate multiple stores If you are running more than one eCommerce store, we have you covered. Our integration solution can integrate data from multiple stores into a single Sugar instance. Stores can be located on any of the supported eCommerce platforms. Each store data contains information from which store it came from. If needed, you can separate access to each store data by implementing additional assigned user or team rules based on that information.

Improve your existing fulfillment and support in Sugar Sugar cases and tasks will now be able to link to store orders, customers or products. Improve your fulfillment and support workflows by integrating conditions and data from the store. Administrators will be able to create new relationships and links to our modules so your existing processes can be easily updated.

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To learn more about this solution, go to Sugar eCommerce Solution or search for "ecommerce."