SugarCon 2016 is fast approaching along with another year of the much heralded App Throwdown. This year brings a record number of SugarOutfitters add-ons being in the competition. A fun twist this time around is that you get to vote to put your favorite solutions on the big stage.

I Voted

We feel testing and guaranteeing solutions, while providing support from real people who care, is important. If you agree, please let the community know that matters by voting for the add-ons below.

How to Vote

Votes are simply “likes” and can be done on any (or all) of the App Throwdown pages below. The process is simple:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on any of the add-on pages below
  3. Click on the “Like” link on the right side of that page

That’s it! With your help we can continue to highlight add-ons that we know are going to work.

App Throwdown Add-ons

Add-on Description
Process Manager Enterprise

From simple business processes such as automating the sending of emails to customers and partners, to more advanced workflow such as Contract management, Process Manager is a powerful workflow add-on for SugarCRM.

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Like many of our users, you are a marketing pro. You know who to target and how best to reach them. The challenge is, how do you send just to those people, include the dynamic content you need, and automate their sales journey experience?

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Outlook Integration

Make life easier by reducing the need to flip between apps. If you are using Outlook Web App, Outlook 2013, or Outlook 2016 connected to Office365 or Exchange Server 2013 then be sure to take advantage of this email and contact synchronization add-on. Smartly links emails to your Sugar records and keeps your contacts in sync.

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RT GSync

By offering a two-way sync between Google Apps and Sugar, RT GSync empowers users to manage their Gmail in a simpler and effective way.

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Analytic Reporting

Produce effective reports with charts in a fast and easy way. It is a Sugar BI plug-in with powerful reporting capabilities, ease of use, elegant design, and a quick and easy setup.

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RT DocuSign

RT DocuSign allows Sugar users to upload and send multiple PDF documents from Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and Opportunities module. This takes away the need of sending documents physically to the customers. As a result, this saves the time and effort of sales reps as they can easily take electronic signatures from the customers.

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RT QuickBooks

As customers interface with the company, Sugar users can obtain a unified view of their Quickbooks customers in Sugar. With its sync on-demand feature, it empowers CRM users to sync a record immediately to either QuickBooks or Sugar.

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Act-On’s seamless integration with Sugar makes it easier for marketing to deliver more highly qualified, sales-ready leads to the sales team. Using Act-On’s native, out-of-the-box integration, you can set up automatic, bi-directional synchronization between Sugar and Act-On – easily, and in minutes.

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RT Telephony

This plugin enables Sugar users to make inbound and outbound calls from Sugar with a single click. It also provides real-time access to customers’ information to deal efficiently with them.

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RT SalesMap

The visual representation of Sugar Accounts, Leads, and Contacts enables sales team to situate multiple prospects on Google Maps. It also plans route for the sales team as it integrates GPS to find the best possible route to reach the destination. This enhances the overall performance of the sales team, making them more productive and efficient to deal with customers.

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Managing contact information within any company is a challenge, but we've made the task easier for those of you who rely on Gmail. Yathit InboxCRM joins the power of Gmail and Sugar into one seamless experience, safeguarding your important contact information and bringing it out exactly when you need it.

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RT SugarBox

With RT SugarBox, users can experience Box in-built content tools, such as tag, upload, search, and share, within Sugar. This empowers them to stay on top of their content as it notifies them about the status of content in Sugar. It also enables them to store and share PDFs generated from Sugar in Box.

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See You at the Throwdown!

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