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One Year Anniversary

Posted by on October 10, 2013

We are a month late here, so please forgive us. What with the CRM Idol competition (see CRM Idol and Communication Our Vision), releasing some new functionality that allows our sellers to provide even better service to SugarCRM users, a complete redesign, and further refining our processes, time simply flew by. Stepping away from the race, let’s take a look at the first year since going live.

Our first year has really been about the core platform with the main focus on creating a very pleasant discovery and buying experience for folks looking to further empower their organizations. Based on the ongoing and changing feedback that we have received over the past year, I think we nailed that.

Here are some key stats:

  • Started with 1,400 add-on page views the first month that we were live and hit over 15,000 last month.
  • Reviewed and accepted 54 SugarCRM add-ons with many more in the pipeline
  • Over 700 members have signed up to purchase, review, verify, and get support for various add-ons
  • 230 add-ons have been verified by members
  • 60 add-on reviews posted by members
  • 1,200 comments by members on docs, support cases, etc
  • Over 250,000 page views

The most important stat that is hard to put a number on are the happy customers, such as Jeffrey Ferris:

“We were so impressed that we want to try and purchase all of our Sugar add-ons from you.”

Seeing this type of excitement from SugarCRM users for a single, one-stop marketplace has been rewarding and we couldn’t have got through that first year without you, the great SugarCRM community.

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