Highlevel Overview

Mainly designed to empower employees within any organization, QuickHelp is a video tutorial add-on for SugarCRM that enables them to access and watch videos such as helpful tutorials, instructional guides, or new employee welcome videos to better understand the SugarCRM system in proactive, self-help way.

The QuickHelp Video Tutorial Plugin by iPredict IT Solutions will help your business save a lot of time when it comes to training and onboarding employees. Administrators can set up video help for each module view: List View, Record View, and Create View. Then, users can easily get self-guided help from the system by clicking the ‘VideoTutorial’ button.

How it Works

How can end users (employees) get help from this plugin?

Users need to click on the ‘VideoTutorial’ button, which is available in the system footer. Please see the screenshot below.

QuickHelp Video Tutorial Plugin for SugarCRM video button

Once a user clicks on the VideoTutorial button, they will get QuickHelp for the system.

Please check the demo screenshot when the user clicks on Record View and gets related help in pop-up.

QuickHelp Video Tutorial Plugin for SugarCRM record view

For video help, Admin users need to create a YouTube video and make it private.

To learn more about this solution, go to QuickHelp Video Tutorial Plugin or search for "video."