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New Tool for Add-on Sellers: Webhooks

Posted by on September 23, 2013

In our ongoing effort of making it as easy as possible to sell and support SugarCRM add-ons, we have a new tool that will make it easy to integrate SugarOutfitters into your internal sales and support process: Webhooks. Webhooks will allow you to be notified in real-time when things happen on SugarOutfitters with one of your add-ons: someone purchases your add-on, a customer creates a support case, someone leaves a review, etc. The list goes on.

Here’s how it works, when events occur on SugarOutfitters, we’ll send an HTTP request to a script at a designated location and tell you what happened. You’ll then be able to take action programmatically (via a script) however you like.

So how is this useful? Consider a couple use cases:

  1. You sell an add-on on SugarOutfitters that requires configuration on the your side before the customer can use the add-on. Instead of waiting for New Sale emails to show up in your inbox (which you may check only every few hours), simply enable Webhooks and listen for the New Sale event. Whenever the event occurs, you can script whatever it is that you manually had to do, satisfying the customer with a fast response time and great service as well as saving you time and manual work.
  2. You sell an add-on on SugarOutfitters but you already have internal processes for handling support cases. Using Webhooks will allow you to push these cases into your internal customer support system faster and more accurately to better serve your customers how you’re already used to serving them. As updates to the case occur, you can update the cases appropriately. All you need to do is enable Webhooks and listen for the Case Created event and New Case Comment event. Whenever the events occur, you can update your internal support system automatically.

These are just two of the many use cases. Nearly every interaction on SugarOutfitters has an available webhook to help you better service your customers and streamline your processes.

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