There are many companies that are looking for a Sugar add-on or integration that have a strict no credit card policy. Sometimes the person doing the purchasing doesn't have direct access to the company credit card, debit card, or a PayPal account. To help customers in these scenarios we have rolled out a Bank Transfer payment option to our checkout page.

To use this option, head over to the checkout page and select Bank Transfer from the payment options. Then continue to checkout as you normally would. Once you have checked out we will process your request and send you an invoice. The invoice will include information on how to pay for your product. Once payment has been received you will have access to the solution on your orders page.

Bank Transfer Payment Method

If you have solutions for sale on SugarOutfitters you do not need to do anything to activate the Bank Transfer method for your add-ons. It is automatically available for all qualifying solutions. Because the Bank Transfer process includes a more hands-on approach we do require the following terms for those choosing to pay with a Bank Transfer:

  • The purchase is non-refundable.
  • There is no trial period.
  • Monthly recurring plans are not eligible.
  • A minimum purchase of $300 is required.

The Bank Transfer method has already been a popular method of payment for new customers. Cheers!

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