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Map Your Clients or Prospects

Posted by on January 16, 2019

Synolia's latest solution allows you to see mapped addresses on the record and list views as well as in drill down reports. Works great in both On Demand and self hosted environments.

Highlevel Overview

Locate your clients and prospects on a contextualized map. Visually identify clients by type icon. Get directions to help plan out your route.

Works in Many Views

Add maps to your record and list views. Also works great in drill-down reports.

Maps in SugarCRM Views

Dynamic List Updates

As you select or deselect records on a list the map will automatically update on the side.

Map Many Accounts in Sugar

Display Account Types

Quickly identify important clients or prospects based on the account type icons.

Account Type Map Icons in Sugar

To learn more about this solution go to Customer Map Locator or search for "locator".