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Manifest Scanner Now Checks For Missing Files

Posted by on December 17, 2012

Whenever a developer uploads a file to SugarOutfitters we do extensive scanning to make sure everything is in place and ready to install for you. After all, the reason we are here is to make the end user experience as simple and smooth as possible. Our latest addition to the scanner is a check to ensure that all the necessary files are included in the module's zip so that you aren't left with a module that can't be installed.

As a developer, I've done this many times myself. You get done with a new module, create the manifest, and package up all the needed files...or so you think. You release the zip for download and soon enough you get an email about how the module failed to install. Usually it includes an error like:

Failed to copy cache/upgrades/temp/uJ5Yxy/MyModule_Zip/custom/modules/MyModule/views/view.edit.php to custom/modules/MyModule/views/view.edit.php

Drats! Of course. I thought I could do a quick, simple fix without properly testing the install process for the hundredth time. Well with the new addition to the scanner I'd now get the follow message upon uploading the file BEFORE anyone were to download and install it:

The following files defined in the manifest do not exist in the zip: 

This new addition provides even more backing to our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Have ideas on other ways to avoid pain points or simplify the distribution process?