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Manage Your Opportunities With Cards

Posted by on March 16, 2015

The best way to speed up your workflow is with simple and effective tools. Visual Sales Pipeline from Eligeo is designed to give you a picture of the stages of all your opportunities and revenue items at once. Say goodbye to browser tabs or your back button, and see your sales from a configuration-free, 10,00-foot view.

Like the Sugar list view, Visual Sales Pipeline displays multiple opportunities at once, but sorts them by stage. With an ingenious and intuitive column layout, you can drag and drop opportunities between columns to change their stage.

SugarCRM Opportunity Pipeline Management

Visual Sales Pipeline is designed with simplicity and speed in mind. Thanks to the column layout, you can quickly see which stages have the most Opportunities and might need the most work. If an opportunity ever fizzles out or otherwise gets lost, you can quickly drag it to a giant red X to mark it as “Closed Lost.” Likewise, if you need to close a bunch of successful Opportunities, a quick drag to a giant green checkmark is all it takes.

Need to view Opportunities that are assigned only to you? Visual Sales Pipeline provides a filter so that you can view either all Opportunities, or those assigned to an individual user including yourself. The interface fits so well and looks so natural, that it feels like it should come standard with every SugarCRM license!

With Visual Sales Pipeline you won’t get bogged down clicking unnecessary buttons or drop down menus. You don’t need to open dozens of tabs. There’s no need to generate a report to get a quick feel for how your sales are doing. Like the name implies, you can visually see and interact with all your active Opportunities at once!

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