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Make Your Events Even More Successful

Posted by on December 8, 2015

Speaking engagements, conferences, performances, training sessions, networking gatherings, and club outings all have one thing in common: They’re good for generating leads and making connections. With Eventbrite you remove all the friction of managing your headcount and selling tickets, allowing you to focus efforts on your event, generate leads and make connections. Getting those attendees into your CRM, however, can be a manual and annoying challenge unless you have the Eventbrite SugarCRM Connector from Highland Solutions.

Eventbrite and SugarCRM

Eventbrite SugarCRM Connector is a simple tool that handles a complex problem: Getting attendee contact information from Eventbrite into SugarCRM for your own purposes and metrics. Fortunately, Eventbrite has data for just about everything you need to add new leads or update existing contacts’ information. The Eventbrite connector automatically synchronizes your SugarCRM instance with Eventbrite data, pulling in new attendees as they sign up, and avoids duplicating entries if you already have the attendee in Sugar.

Connecting Eventbrite to SugarCRM is very straightforward. From Highland Solutions’ website you follow a few steps connect the two. First, you provide the Eventbrite SugarCRM Connector with the URL and logon information for your SugarCRM instance. Then make sure you have or can create a module (custom or off-the-shelf) that contains a list of fields that Highland conveniently lists for you. Next designate whether you want Eventbrite attendees to be added as Leads or Contacts. Lastly you securely link Eventbrite to the Eventbrite SugarCRM Connector and manually (or set up automatic) data synchronization.

Sync Events Between Eventbrite and SugarCRM

Once data is synchronized, new attendees will start to show up in Leads or Contacts allowing you to generate reports after the event, or step up your marketing to encourage more people to sign up. If you need to manage the Eventbrite event, give out complimentary tickets, send out a survey, or print badges there is a convenient link that takes you directly to the event management page on

Getting data about your attendees from your event should not be a difficult or manual process. Thanks to Eventbrite SugarCRM Connector the hard part is done seamlessly and automatically for you. Focus on your event while it’s happening and make it successful while leaving the data gathering to an automated system.

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