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Integrating Box with SugarCRM

Posted by on September 4, 2014

Want to increase your productivity without being tethered to email or spending time looking up documents on your computer or cloud storage account? With so many people storing, viewing, and sharing documents with cloud storage services, wouldn’t it be nice if those cloud storage services were accessible and usable from within SugarCRM? FBSG’s Box Integration add-on for SugarCRM brings the smart, simple and enterprise-friendly cloud storage to your very own SugarCRM install.

With a simple interface and a ton of features, the Box Integration eliminates the need to send back-and-forth emails to colleagues and customers and keeping track of multiple draft revisions. With Box, you can edit documents and sign contracts using Box’s tools right from within SugarCRM!

Box Integration allows you to link Box folders and documents to any record in SugarCRM. The dashlet widget conveniently shows any files associated with a Sugar record no matter whether you are viewing or editing a record. This can save a lot of time from looking up a document in your cloud account, email folder, or personal storage, especially for those who communicate with many different clients and colleagues simultaneously on a daily basis.

The Box interface is not watered down and is designed to free you to perform almost any action you need. From the dashlet widget you can use the full Box interface to view, tag, move, delete, edit, comment on files and more. Even if you are a browser tab power user, the handy widget simplifies the process of loading the Box website and finding the specific file you are looking for, especially if you have a large number of documents! This is a great way to preview PDFs right from within SugarCRM without having to download it to your computer first.

Once you upload or edit a file in the Box Integration widget, you will find it instantly synced and visible in your box account, ready to be further manipulated or shared from your colleagues’ and clients’ smartphone, tablet, or computer. It’s hard to imagine a more simpler way of streamlining your CRM workflow into your sales or support processes, especially with more and more employees working or seeking to work remotely.

Documents on that are associated with SugarCRM records

With support for SugarCRM Professional 6.5 up through 7.2, and compatibility with SugarOnDemand, there’s never been an easier to way to save time and to bring the benefits of cloud storage and collaboration to your CRM. With this add-on, and SugarCRM are a match made in heaven. And if you are using a cloud service other than, this add-on might make it worth your while to switch!