One of the best ways to keep customers happy is to make it easy to contact you and provide them with feedback, but the last thing you want to do is give them direct access to your CRM when doing that. Urdhva's Customer Support Portal provides a drop-in customer-facing solution with a stylish and simple interface that ties directly into your SugarCRM instance.

The last thing you want to do when integrating a support portal on your main website is to set up new and completely different workflow in SugarCRM to garner leads and update contact information. But with Customer Support Portal you don’t have to! The portal hooks directly into the Leads/Contacts conversion workflow as well as the built in SugarCRM bug reporting, meetings, and call request workflows. Best of all, submitting a call request or bug is faster in the support portal than it is in SugarCRM!

New or unregistered customers can create an account on the support portal which turns directly into a SugarCRM Lead. Once that Lead is converted to a Contact, the customer can log in and begin requesting calls, filing and checking on bug statuses, and setting up meetings with you. For the savvy or high-traffic customers, the support portal provides a way for them to search support requests and bugs quickly and based on several criteria (such as the priority of a bug).

The bug reporting tool is also phenomenal. Customers can upload a document, such as a picture, log, or executable, with their bug reports which turns into a SugarCRM note. This is exceptionally useful for addressing their issue quickly and effectively. Why use a system that requires you to contact them for more information when they can provide an example or the exact file that is causing them problems?

Urdhva’s Customer Support Portal is very clean and the pages respond extremely quickly to customers. Best of all it’s also designed to run on iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberries! This broad support for mobile devices means your customers can interact with your support team easily and at any time without having to find a computer. With such an easy way to access the portal, use it, a quick and pain-free setup and such a tight integration into your existing SugarCRM workflows, you can provide your customers with the first-class support they both deserve and want.

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