At SugarOutfitters, one of our goals is to make it as easy as possible to for everyone in the SugarCRM community to easily find the quality, proven, and most importantly, working add-ons. With that goal in mind, as new add-ons are added to SugarOutfitters, we'll be posting reviews of them on this blog.

First up, SynoCalendar from Synolia - a Google Calendar Theme for SugarCRM Calendar.

With the release of SugarCRM 6.5, many enhancements were made to the calendar module to make it a much more usable and stable module. For those of you who have used the SugarCRM calendar module before SugarCRM 6.5 the UI changes made were definitely welcome.

If you've used Google Calendar, you know how intuitive of an interface it has. Although the out-of-the-box Calendar module isn't quite up-to-par with Google Calendar's user interface, thanks to SynoCalendar, you can have that same Google Calendar interface that runs on top of the greatly improved SugarCRM Calendar module.

While using this add-on, there were a couple features that really stuck out to me as being useful:

1) Like Google Calendar, SynoCalendar adds functionality to the SugarCRM calendar module allowing you to click and drag to create new meetings and calls while also allowing you to set the duration of the event. This feature will definitely save you a few clicks when creating events.

2) Like any well-made add-on, SynoCalendar does a seamless job at integrating their add-on the “Sugar way”, the way SugarCRM recommend developers do, using upgrade-safe, studio-friendly customizations. If your company wants to change the meeting and call edit views used in Calendar, you can simply go to studio, make your changes and SynoCalendar will use the new views.

For only $399, you can improve the calendaring experience of the users of your SugarCRM instance. If you already own SynoCalendar, be sure to add a review and verify that it works to let others know how well it works.

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