Surveys provide a solid picture of customers’ opinions and behavior towards your services or products. It helps you craft a successful marketing plan and maximize your efforts. For example, a politician can win the election if he creates his election campaign around the voters' expectations. A training program is likely to enroll more people if they can design their program around the solutions of particular problems.

To put your research in effect, online surveys offer an optimized flow which leads to successful surveys campaigns. It gives you the freedom to design your Survey template making it more interactive which encourages users to complete it promptly. But it can become a herculean task to choose a tool from the market as there are so many good options available.

But do they have the required features? Make sure that the survey tool you will invest in have below features otherwise it would be just a waste of money!

Skip Logic

It is a must-have feature that redirects the responder to the next relatable question based on his response. This way, you will be able to collect the information which is suitable for a specific set of customers. You can even identify new customer segments by conducting such surveys.

For example, if there is a question about the age group that responder belongs to, you can skip the unnecessary question and redirects him to the applicable questions only. Therefore, with the skip-logic, you can ask the questions which are specific to their interests. This way, your survey becomes more interactive & relatable to users. Moreover, you can target various set of users simultaneously.

Data Piping

It is advisable to include at least 10-15 questions in Surveys. But sometimes when your surveys go beyond this standard length, Data Piping feature comes to the rescue. Let’s say when your Survey has around 22 questions, then through Data Piping, you can send pre-filled surveys fetching the data from your CRM database. Same way it automatically updates data into your CRM system based on the information provided by the survey responders.

It can be a tedious task for you to update all the survey data manually to your CRM. Hence, data piping is an essential feature when it comes to CRM survey tools.

Data Piping in a SugarCRM Survey Tool

Real-time Feedback

Time is short and especially when it comes to providing a response to a customer query. What if you are conducting a customer satisfaction survey and you got negative feedback from your responders. Now imagine you get a notification in real-time as soon as someone responds to your survey. Positive or Negative. You will be able to speed up your analyzing process much faster and it also reduces your response time. This feature renders you the real-time data so that you can instantly respond to any response, negative or positive.

With people having such short attention span, they have started expecting instant responses from the companies. If you delay in responding to their feedback, it might lead to an increased ratio of unsatisfied customers. Whereas, instant revert might give better conversion rates and word of mouth marketing.

Survey Automation

With the advancement in technology, we have experienced Automation in almost each and every industry. The same way Survey Automation feature helps you to schedule your surveys or set certain actions against the fulfillment of certain conditions according to responder’s replies or behavior.

You can find such automation functionalities only in advanced CRM survey tools. You can use the Survey automation feature effectively when you are expecting a huge number of responses for your Survey.

Survey Automation in SugarCRM

Net Promoter Score

This feature in any of the Survey tool is effective when you want to pull out the prompt feedback of clients. For example, during your mall shopping, at the billing counter, they ask you to give your opinions about the shopping experience quickly through the machine. Where you have to rate between 0 to 9 or you will have the expression icons aka emojis to express your opinion.

The same way you can also conduct such surveys with questions like “how likely are you to recommend our product to others?” Based on these results vendors can categorize and analyze the results.

Shareable Surveys

When you conduct Surveys through a SugarCRM survey tool, some of the plugins might come with certain limitations. One such limitation is an unshareable survey where you cannot share your surveys with someone outside of your CRM records. Shareable surveys feature enables you to generate a link which you or your responder can share around so that the survey can reach to a larger audience.

You can get the data of the responder who is not in your CRM record through the survey which then converts into a CRM record.

Advanced Reporting

After the successful completion of Survey there comes an important part which is reporting. You can capture deep insights about your customers or responders from the Surveys. There are certain advance reporting features which you should look for in your SugarCRM extension.

For instance, with the Trend analytics report, you can understand the trend of your responses. Like on which particular day of the week, or month, there are high chances of getting your survey filled. With such insights, you can make sure to send out your surveys on days more likely to receive a response.

Advanced Survey Reporting in SugarCRM


The mentioned above are must-have features for any of the modern CRM Survey Tool. These features make it easier for you to handle the survey with a large number of responders in an effective way. Without them, you might end up with a great mess and all your resources & efforts down in vain. Using a Survey solution that is a core part of your CRM makes your efforts that much easier. That is why we recommend using an installable solution such as Survey Rocket versus another external, 3rd party survey tool.

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