"A satisfied customer is the best business strategy" said Michael LeBoeuf, the famous American business author. If you are a business owner, reading such quotes might give you sheer delight and motivate you to serve your customers better. But, how do you know if your customers are satisfied with your products/services? You cannot have insights about their opinions if you do not ask for feedbacks. And the best way to get these feedbacks is - through Surveys.

Several enterprises today send surveys through their CRM systems and get feedbacks in a seamless way. However, during some instances, it gets a bit challenging for the CRM users to create surveys. Especially because, they must obtain all the customer details separately and then feed the data in different survey fields. Also, after they have obtained the survey, the data does not become available automatically in the CRM. Imagine going through such prolonged procedures each time you create a survey!

To get over the above-mentioned hassles, you need a plugin that can make your tasks easier through the data piping feature. However, you must ensure that you invest into a plugin that you can sync easily with your SugarCRM system. It should not ask for you to make any third-party integrations. Anyway, let us get back to understanding the data piping feature.

So, How Does Data Piping Work?

Data piping is the procedure of moving the information from your CRM to the survey you are about to conduct. Once you install a SugarCRM Survey Builder, your SugarCRM system offers you with all the convenience to be able to do so. As the part of data piping, you can pre-fill different survey fields from the existing data in your CRM. Also known as forward data piping, it helps sales executives to save a lot of time and efforts that they spend behind filling different modules.

Piping Data from a Survey

Sometimes, after you share the survey with the respondents, they make changes to the pre-filled information. Now, you cannot go about making these changes individually. So, the survey plugin does it for you. This is known as backward data piping. However, all the survey plugins do not come with the “one size fits all design;” hence, you need to get the survey extension customized based on the survey modules or questions you are planning to use in the Survey.

Creating Surveys Using Data Piping Feature: An Insight in 10 Steps

So, here is how you go about creating survey forms with the help of data piping feature:

  1. Data piping helps you to map CRM fields along with the questions that are a part of your survey form.
  2. Thereafter, you can email the link of the survey.
  3. Once received, your customers can click on the link, fill the survey, and update the information.
  4. You can send the link of the survey via email
  5. Customers click on the survey and fill their information
  6. They can see the pre-filled information mapped in the survey
  7. Customers can fill the survey, edit the information, and submit it
  8. Plugin automatically updates new information in the CRM modules
  9. Admin can view survey reports and get information and data that the customers fill
  10. They can also resend the survey to specific customers requesting them to fill the necessary parts again.

Example Survey

Industries That Can Make the Most Out of the Data Piping Feature

“Customer Satisfaction” is a term that you cannot confine to a specific industry. Most of the business owners would want to achieve it by conducting survey and fetching information. The following industries can make the most out of data piping feature.

Health Care Sectors: “Patient Centered Healthcare” is the buzzword that healthcare sectors go by today. Hospitals and other healthcare institutions do not resort to the traditional marketing methods anymore. And therefore, if the hospital authorities integrate a survey plugin with a data piping feature to their SugarCRM; it will render them with more evaluated and comprehensive information.

Banking Sectors: Creating banking surveys should be an effortless process. Banking authorities often create KYC (Know your customers) forms through their SugarCRM. It helps them to update customer data with ease. Whether you have questions related to banking operations or general ones, you can fetch all the information and update it on your CRM through a SugarCRM Survey plugin.

Insurance Sectors: Data Piping is a useful feature for insurance agents who want to customize the customer data in their policy forms if the need be. They can get all the customer data in a comprehensive way and can also retain their customer base by offering them with significant results. As the plugin fetches data from the Survey results, insurance agents can modify their sales and services. Not just that, they can also take care of the customer demands and preferences.

In a Nutshell

It totally depends on you as to how you want to use the data piping feature of SugarCRM Survey Plugin. Perhaps, if you jot down your survey-based requirements, you would be able to know how you want to utilize it. We wish you the best with choosing your SugarCRM Survey Builder!

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