Much like most anyone, I spend a good deal of the day in my inbox. Whether it is doing my ABC routine (Always Be Closing) or doing my best to help someone out, there is always something bringing me back to Gmail. This means constant flipping between my Google Apps account and SugarCRM. It's tedious, painful, and just not any fun. There has to be a better way...

This Is CRM? But It's in My Inbox!

Enter Collabspot to save the day. Right from within my favorite browser Chrome, my Gmail works seamlessly with SugarCRM to pull up my contacts, update opportunities, and follow up on support cases. No longer do I have to flip back and forth!Take a few minutes to check it out for yourself:

Gmail Helps SugarCRM Adoption

The core reason why Collabspot was created was to make it as easy and seamless for sales teams as possible. The creators recognized that salespeople spend most of their time inside of their inbox and only flipped over to the CRM when they absolutely had to. Mostly to follow protocol. It was expensive to do so. Having SugarCRM right in the inbox solves that problem.

If you use Gmail and SugarCRM, using Collabspot for SugarCRM is a no brainer. It is simplified data entry, makes CRM adoption easier, and increases productivity. Who doesn't love that?

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